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Law Firm Representing Quadriga's Ex-Users Want Info About 'Shadow Bank' Crypto Capital
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York image via elbud / Shutterstock.
The Evolution of Bitcoin's Technology Stack
It's often a painful process but one that highlights and solidifies two of Bitcoin's biggest virtues: No single party can dictate how Bitcoin evolves; and the absence of centralized control protects Bitcoin's monetary properties.
The Unstoppable Trajectory: Stablecoins Are Evolving Traditional Finances
Stablecoins may represent crypto's best chance of achieving mainstream success and recognition from the traditional financial systems.
Report: Small price change in Bitcoin could trigger a bull market
At these levels, only a small price increase could trigger a bull market, the report found.
China to use blockchain technology in its new social credit system
Following President Xi Jinping's decision to embrace blockchain technology, different federal agencies within China stepped forward to abide by the new order.
Analyst: Bitcoin re-accumulation phase has begun, but it must drop to this key price first
The Bitcoin price tends to move in a trend that deals maximum pain for both bulls and bears in the market - and this time is seemingly no different.
Federal Judge Orders Kik Technical Advisor to Sit for Deposition With SEC
Kik technical advisor Tanner Philp must be deposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission related to the company's 2017 kin token sale, elongating the discovery process in the messaging app's battle with federal regulators.
India Central Bank Says It Hasn't Banned Crypto
The Reserve Bank of India said regulated entities cannot offer crypto assets in the country, but that does not equate to an overall digital asset ban.
Is Samsung About To Partner With This Crypto Startup?
Cointelegraph caught up with Alexander Drummond, co-founder of crypto-enabled payments company GatePay, at the 50th edition of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this week.
Jack Dorsey's Square Awarded Patent for Real-Time Crypto-to-Fiat Swaps
Financial services and mobile payment company Square thinks it has found a way to turn fiat into crypto in real-time point-of-sale transactions.
SEC Calls Out Status of Telegram's TON, Doubting Development
In the latest from U.S. Security and Exchange Commission's ongoing lawsuit against Telegram for its offering of Gram tokens, the commission bashes the messaging service's blockchain and related token.
Roger Ver, Da Hongfei, Alex Mashinsky to speak at Istanbul Blockchain Week
Istanbul Blockchain Week has just announced the speaker line up for its Istanblock 2020 event.
Jack Dorsey's Square Wins Patent for Fiat-to-Crypto Payments Network
Jack Dorsey speaks at Consensus 2018, image via CoinDesk archives.
Bitcoin's Lighting 'Torch' Reignites, Blazes Through 38 Countries in 3 Days
Bitcoin's lightning torch is back, and it's zipped through at least 38 countries already.
Grayscale to Fund Ethereum Classic Developers for 2 More Years
DRY POWDER: "This funding allows us to continue our support of the ETC protocol and ecosystem," says ETC Cooperative executive director Bob Summerwill of Grayscale's new commitment.
SEC Depositions Shed Light on Telegram's $1.7B Token Sale
Telegram CEO Pavel Durov pushed back against a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission attorney's speculation that his company's 2018 token sale was meant to refill its cash reserves.
Davos: Giancarlo's Digital Dollar Project Will Focus on Benefits of a US CBDC
The former chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission has some new remarks regarding his Digital Dollar initiative, speaking in Davos.
Research: Ether Was the Cryptocurrency Most Correlated to Other Coins in 2019
Recent research shows that Ether was the cryptocurrency most correlated to the rest of the crypto market in 2019.In a report published on Jan. 22, the research arm of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance suggests that throughout 2019, ETH had an average correlation coefficient of 0.69.
As Australia Burns, Cointelegraph and Oxygen Seven Raise Relief Funds
As megablazes ravage Australia, destroying vast amounts of land and wildlife, Cointelegraph and Oxygen Seven have partnered in a Bitcoin fundraising effort to benefit recovery efforts in the country.
Venezuelans Selling Petro on LocalBitcoins at Half the Official Price
Venezuelans are reportedly selling the state-launched Petro cryptocurrency that was airdropped to them recently.
Price Analysis Jan 22: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, XLM, ADA
A breakdown of this zone will indicate weakness and can drag the price to $140. Therefore, the traders can protect their long positions with stops placed at $150.XRP/USDThe bounce off the neckline of the inverted head and shoulders pattern is struggling to stay above $0.2326.
Telegram CEO: Apple's iCloud Is "Now Officially a Surveillance Tool"
Pavel Durov, founder and CEO of major encrypted messenger Telegram, argues that Apple's cloud service iCloud is "Now officially a surveillance tool."
Ethereum's consolidation trend may turn into a full-blown bull rally if it breaks this key level
Ethereum has been able to begin gaining some tempered momentum following its recent drop to lows of $162, as ETH has now pushed its way back up towards the $170 region.
Data shows high levels of correlation between Bitcoin and Ethereum
Investopedia defines the term correlation as a statistic that measures the degree to which two assets move in relation to each other.
CME Bitcoin options volume increases by over 100 percent to $5.3 million just a week after launch
Trading volume for Bitcoin options from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or CME Group, has increased by over 100 percent in just the first week after their launch.
Blockchain Association Sides With Telegram Against SEC, Says Grams Are Not Securities
The Blockchain Association, a U.S. advocacy group uniting the industry's leading startups like Coinbase, Circle, 0x, Ripple and others, has filed an amicus curiae brief in the ongoing SEC vs. Telegram case.
Sports Live-Streamer Will Reward Viewers With Its Own Crypto
Sports live-streaming provider SportsCastr is launching its own cryptocurrency to reward viewers and encourage interactions.
Hyperledger to Explore How Blockchain Can Help World Meet Climate Goals
Hyperledger has announced a new working group at Davos that will explore how blockchain can help the world meet climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement.
Notes From the WEF: The Coming Battle Between Surveilled and Private Money
"The number one use case of blockchain technology promoted by the government is data sharing," Zhang Jiachen, CEO of the startup Guangzhishu Technology, said on the sidelines of the WEF. Jiachen said her firm works with several Chinese government agencies.
Hacker Noon Is Storing Content on a Blockchain After Ditching Medium
Hacker Noon is putting its money where its pen is, embedding blockchain features into its new publishing platform.