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Ethereum Overzicht
Ethereum is een open source, blockchain-gebaseerd decentraal platform en mining-netwerk. Dat laatste is gebaseerd op proof-of-work waarbij het benodigde geheugengebruik het gebruik van ASICs niet toelaat, om centralisatie van het minen tegen te gaan.
Ethereum Consensus
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Volledig werkend product
54 months
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Open source
Vitalik Buterin
Jeffrey Wilcke
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DRY POWDER: "This funding allows us to continue our support of the ETC protocol and ecosystem," says ETC Cooperative executive director Bob Summerwill of Grayscale's new commitment.
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Recent research shows that Ether was the cryptocurrency most correlated to the rest of the crypto market in 2019.In a report published on Jan. 22, the research arm of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance suggests that throughout 2019, ETH had an average correlation coefficient of 0.69.
Price Analysis Jan 22: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, XLM, ADA
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Ether, XRP, and DASH Push Higher as the Altcoin Market Gains Momentum
Bitcoin Cash ABC, Bitcoin Cash SV, Dash, and Ethereum Classic have all shown increases of more than a hundred percent recently but it is a bit premature to be calling for celebrations at the new altcoin season? Perhaps no, but at least it's a reason to dedicate some attention to altcoin market analysis.
Wildcards Purports to Save Endangered Species With Technical First For Ethereum
It's the first successful live deployment on the Ethereum mainnet of something called a "Scalable Harberger tax contract," and it might just help save at-risk animals.
Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin could be bound for a steeper decline
Closing below the support level could validate the bearish signal presented by the TD sequential indicator triggering a steep correction.